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    Lemme designers' duet complements as well as Lemme clothes will complement your wardrobe. The main aim of Ania and Peter in creating projects is the convenience of modern streetwear but also the individualism of each of us.

    The women's collection fits in with the latest trends while providing elegance, sensuality and versatility. Extensive pockets, double-sided clothing, the ability to set up in many ways and combine the various proposals from Lemme into a variety of outfits give a sense of comfort and freedom at every opportunity. Proposals for men break the common traditionalism of men's clothing, they are inspired by male passions and need of comfort.



    Lemme clothes are made only of high quality materials, sewn in a professional sewing workshop in Poland with emphasis on perfect workmanship and attention to detail. We use knitwear from Polish manufacturers that can be washed in the washing machine without worrying about the damage and loss of form or color. Fabrics, on the other hand, have unique patterns and are nice to touch, not only enjoying the eye but also the body. Modern and asymmetrical forms of most Lemme projects will appeal to anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.



    Clothes are available in our online shop, in the best designer boutiques and at independent fashion events organized throughout the country where you can meet the Lemme designers in person.


    For what?

    Ania and Piotr create with passion for fashion which is usable, gives joy and comfort. Most products go to the market in tens of pieces, which guarantees future customers individualism and distinction from the crowd. Lemme's clothes will allow the woman to show unimposing sex appeal and the man will give the opportunity to show himself unconventional.

    Anna Hertel

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